{daily life} Things I Did In October: Candle Night In Kitayama

Hello, hello, how is everyone? It’s time for part two of “Things I Did In October” (still can’t believe how uncreative and stupid the name is, if you can come up with something better, please tell me kudasai).

Today I just wanted to share some bad quality snapshots of and talk a little about the Candle Night at the Kitayama Monolith, an event that I went to with some friends on … September 30th hashtag-still-not-october.


This is not going to be a long post, and it’s also probably not going to be super-exciting or super-touristy or whatever, but I thought I should share it with the interwebs anyway. So here we go. Continue reading

{daily life} Things I Did In October: Kyoto National Museum

Oh hello friends, it’s me, the worst blogger on the surface of Earth. What’s cooking?

Seriously, though, I’m very sorry for not having posted anything in over a month now. Classes turned out to be a lot more work than I had thought. The standard workload per semester at Doshisha University is fifteen credits, which for us exchange students means about twelve to thirteen courses. However, I’m actually taking twenty credits worth of courses because I’m insane and like to torture myself. So that means that I have more courses than most of my friends (three courses every day) and more homework. In addition, I signed up to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December, so I have to study for that, too. And of course I also want to do all the fun and tourist-y stuff with my friends. So yeah, what I’m trying to say is, I’ve been busy. A little too busy to blog. And also a little lazy. Forgive me, I shall try to better myself.

Now I need to catch up with all the blog posts about all the things I did last month. I thought I could do something like a little series or whatever. Because I’m super original and creative I’m going to be calling this little series (jeez, “series” sounds so pretentious, I’m sorry, can’t think of a better description) “Things I Did In October,” and I’m going to kick it off by telling you about the Kyoto National Museum which I visited a few days before university started. Continue reading

{university} Doshisha University Japanese Language Placement Test

Before I took the placement test myself, I remember searching the Internet, almost desperately, for some kind of information about what I should expect and how I should prepare. But even after going through, like, twenty or thirty pages of Google, I ended up finding only two or three blog posts on the topic. So that’s why I decided to write a post about the Japanese placement test at Doshisha University myself – just to put some more information out there, and to hopefully help out some future Doshisha exchange students at least a little bit by doing so.

dsc_0680-1I don’t have a photo related to studying or whatever, so here’s a random photo of the sunrise. Heh.
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{daily life} Day Nineteen: Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, Flea Market, And An Awesome Café Discovery

Howdy friends, what’s cooking? I actually kind of lost track of how many days I have been in Kyoto already – I think today (or yesterday at this point, since it is past midnight already) was day 19, so here we go!

Today/Yesterday/AHHH I met up with two lovely friends (the same ones I went to Chion-in with … we are such a temple/shrine dream team, *hashtag namaste*) and we went to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine together. Apparently Kitano Tenmangu is in some way associated with Tenjin – the Shinto kami (“god”) of education and scholarship. For this reason, many students visit Kitano Tenmangu to pray for good grades, intelligence, diligence, and all those things related to studying.

Kitano Tenmangu is also well known for the flea market that is held in front of it on the 25th of every month. In my opinion, the flea market was not really a flea market, though, at least not the kind of flea market that are usually found in Germany. To me, it seemed more like a festival or matsuri, which I found even more awesome: there were some stands where people sold clothing, accessories, porcelain and many other things; but there were even more stands where you could play games and win prizes, and countless stands selling delicious street food.

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